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Autobahn Spartan US highway abandonment abbreviated abort about about to be abridged abstruse accented accommodate accost accurate adjacent adjust advance agree airless airtight alert all but alley alleyway almost along toward alongside already in sight alveolar angustifoliate angustirostrate angustisellate angustiseptal apical apico-alveolar apico-dental aposiopestic approach approaching appropinquate approximate approximately approximating approximative arcane arena arm-in-arm around arrange arterial arterial highway arterial street artery articulated as good as assiduous assimilated at close quarters at hand attached attentive autistic autoroute autostrada avaricious avenue back bang bar barricade barytone bashful batten batten down battle bear down on bear down upon bear up beclouded belt highway bilabial blind blind alley block block up blockade bolt bonded boulevard box brawl breakoff breathless breezeless brewing brief bristling broad broil brusque buddy-buddy buried burning button button up bypass byway cabalistic cacuminal camino real careful carriageway causeway causey cease ceasing cemented censored center central centralize cerebral cessation chaussee cheap checked cheek-by-jowl chock choke choke off cincture circumferential circumscribed clap clash classified climax clinch clipped clos close close about close at hand close by close down close in close off close tight close up close with close-fitting close-knit close-lipped close-textured close-tongued close-woven closed closefisted closely closemouthed closing clouded collide combat come come closer come forward come near come on come to blows come together come up coming compact compacted compactly comparable compass compass about compendious complete completing completion compose compressed concealed concenter concentralize concentrate concentrated concise conclude conclusion concrete condensed confidential confine confined confining confront congested connect conscientious consolidated consonant consonantal constant constrict constricted contain container contend contest continuant contract contracted converge coop corduroy road correct county road court courtyard cover covered covert crammed crammed full cramp cramped crawling crescent crisp critical croft crowd crowded cryptic cul-de-sac culmination curt curtilage cut cut and thrust dark dead-end street debar decline delicate delimited field demanding dense densely dental


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