1. (n.) A loose outer garment, extending from the neck downwards, and commonly without sleeves. It is longer than a cape, and is worn both by men and by women.

2. (n.) That which conceals; a disguise or pretext; an excuse; a fair pretense; a mask; a cover.

3. (v. t.) To cover with, or as with, a cloak; hence, to hide or conceal.

alibi apology apply to arm armor becloud befog blanket bless blind block bonnet boot breech camouflage canopy cap cape champion clothe cloud coat coif color compass about conceal concealment cope copyright cover cover story cover up cover-up coverage covering covert coverture cowl cowling curtain cushion defend device disguise dissemble dissimulate distract attention from drape drapery dress up eclipse ensconce enshroud ensure envelop excuse facade face feint fence fend film frock front gloss gloss over gown guarantee guard guise handle hanging harbor hat haven hide hood housing insure jacket keep keep from harm keep under cover lame excuse lay on lay over locus standi make safe mantle mask muffle nestle obduce obfuscate obscure occult ostensible motive overcoat overlay overspread pall patent police poncho poor excuse pretense pretension pretext protect protestation public motive put on put-off refuge register ride shotgun for robe safeguard screen scum secure semblance shade sham shelter shield shirt shoe show shroud slur over smoke screen sock spread over stalking-horse stocking stratagem subterfuge superimpose superpose trick underwrite varnish veil veneer vestment whitewash wrap


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