1. (v. i.) Upward movement; steady increase; gradation; ascent.

2. (n.) A figure in which the parts of a sentence or paragraph are so arranged that each succeeding one rises above its predecessor in impressiveness.

3. (n.) The highest point; the greatest degree.

achieve satisfaction acme acme of perfection act of love adultery all apex aphrodisia apogee apoplexy ass balling bench mark bitter end breakup brow button up cap capstone cardinal point carnal knowledge carry to completion cataclysm catastrophe ceiling chief thing clean up close out close up cloud nine cohabitation coition coitus coitus interruptus come commerce complete completion conclude conclusion congress connection consummate consummation content convulsion copestone copula copulation core cornerstone coupling crest crisis critical point crossroads crown crux culmen culminate culmination denouement diastrophism diddling disaster edge ejaculate end end result essence essential essential matter extreme extreme limit extremity final result final stroke final touch finale finalize finish finish off finish up finisher finishing stroke fit fornication frost fundamental get done get it over get off get through get through with gist gravamen great point head heart heaven heavens height high noon high point highest degree highest pitch highest point ice important thing intercourse intimacy issue kernel keystone landmark last act last stroke last touch last word limit lovemaking main point main thing making it with marital relations marriage act material point mating maximum meat meridian milestone mop up mountaintop ne plus ultra no place higher noon nth degree nub onanism orgasm outtop overarch overthrow overtop ovum pareunia paroxysm payoff peak perfect perfection pink pink of perfection pinnacle pitch pith pivot please point pole procreation quake reach orgasm real issue relations ridge round out salient point satisfy screwing seventh heaven sex sex act sexual climax sexual commerce sexual congress sexual intercourse sexual relations sexual union sine qua non sky sleeping with spasm sperm spire stroke substance substantive point summit surmount temblor terminate termination the bottom line the point the whole tidal wave tip tip-top top top off top out tsunami turning point ultimate upheaval upmost upper extremity uppermost utmost utmost extent uttermost venery vertex very top wind up wrap up zenith


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