1. (n.) A strong saddle girth, as of canvas.

2. (n.) A tight grip.

affix afford proof of anchor annex ascertain assure attach babe back band backstrap band bandage bearing rein belay bellyband belt bend bind bind up bit blinders blinds boob brace breeching breeze bridle bring home to bundle caparison cavesson cement certify chain checkrein cheekpiece chinband chump clamp clear up clinch collar cramp credulous person crownband crupper cull curb dead-sure thing decide demonstrate determine dismiss all doubt do up dupe easy mark easy pickings easy target easy thing engraft ensure establish fall guy fasten find out fish fix follow follow from fool gag swivel get at gird girdle girt girth gobe-mouches graft grapple greener greenhorn greeny gudgeon gull hackamore halter hames hametugs harness have a case headgear headstall hip straps hold good hold water horn innocent insure jaquima jerk line jockey knit lace lash lead-pipe cinch leadpipe cinch leash lines make certain make fast make good make no doubt make no mistake make out make sure make sure of martingale monkey moor nail down natural noseband open-and-shut case patsy picnic pie piece of cake pigeon pipe plaything pole strap pommel prize sap prove prove to be prove true pushover put to reassure reins remove all doubt ribbons rope saddle sap saphead schlemiel screw up secure see that see to it set set at rest set to settle settle the matter setup shaft tug shoo-in show side check sinecure sitting duck snaffle snap sort out splice stirrup stooge strap sucker surcingle sure bet sure card sure success sure thing swaddle swathe tack tackle tie tie up tighten toy trappings trice up trim truss trusting soul tug velvet victim winker braces winner wire wrap wrap up yoke


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