1. (v. i.) To sprout, as seed in the ground; to vegetate.

2. (n.) A chicken.

3. (n.) A child or young person; -- a term of endearment.

Bantam Jane angel avifauna babe baby baby bird baby-doll banty barn-door fowl barnyard fowl biddy bird bird of Jove bird of Juno bird of Minerva bird of night bird of passage bird of prey birdie birdlife birdling birdy bitch broad broiler brooder broody hen bud buttercup cage bird calf capon catling chanticleer cherub chickabiddy chicken chickling chicky cock cockerel colleen colt cub cutie cygnet dame damoiselle damsel darling dear deary demoiselle diving bird dogie doll domestic fowl dove drake duck duckling dunghill fowl eagle eaglet fawn filly fish-eating bird fledgling flightless bird foal fowl frail fruit-eating bird fryer fulmar gal game bird game fowl gander girl girlie gobbler goose gosling guinea cock guinea fowl guinea hen heifer hen hen turkey hon honey honey bunch honey child hoyden insect-eating bird jeune fille jill junior miss juvenile kid kit kitten lady friend lamb lambkin lass lassie litter little missy love lover mademoiselle maid maiden migrant migratory bird minx miss missy moppet mouse nest nestling nipper nymphet oscine bird owl partlet passerine bird peacock peafowl peahen perching bird pet petkins piece pigeon piglet pigling polliwog poulard poult poultry precious precious heart pullet pup puppy ratite roaster romp rooster schoolgirl schoolmaid schoolmiss sea bird seed-eating bird setting hen shoat shore bird skirt slip snookums songbird spring chicken squab stewing chicken storm petrel stormy petrel subdeb subdebutante subteen subteener sugar swan sweet sweetheart sweetie sweetkins sweets tadpole teenybopper tom tom turkey tomato tomboy turkey turkey gobbler turkey-cock virgin wading bird warbler water bird waterfowl weaner wench whelp wildfowl yeanling young creature young thing youngling youngster


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