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1. (n.) Love; universal benevolence; good will.

2. (n.) Liberality in judging of men and their actions; a disposition which inclines men to put the best construction on the words and actions of others.

3. (n.) Liberality to the poor and the suffering, to benevolent institutions, or to worthy causes; generosity.

4. (n.) Whatever is bestowed gratuitously on the needy or suffering for their relief; alms; any act of kindness.

5. (n.) A charitable institution, or a gift to create and support such an institution; as, Lady Margaret's charity.

6. (n.) Eleemosynary appointments [grants or devises] including relief of the poor or friendless, education, religious culture, and public institutions.

Amor BOMFOG Benthamism Christian charity Christian love Eros Platonic love abetment accord accordance admiration adoration advocacy aegis affection affinity agape agreement alms alms fee almsgiving altruism amity ardency ardor attachment auspices backing benefaction beneficence benevolence benevolent disposition benevolentness bigheartedness bodily love bonds of harmony brotherly love cardinal virtues care caritas cement of friendship championship charitableness clemency collection communion community community of interests compassion compatibility concord concordance condonation congeniality conjugal love considerateness consideration contribution correspondence countenance desire devotion do-goodism dole donation donative easiness empathy encouragement esprit esprit de corps faith faithful love fancy favor feeling of identity fellow feeling fellowship fervor flame flower power fondness forbearance fortitude fosterage free love free-lovism frictionlessness friendliness generosity generousness giving good vibes good vibrations goodwill grace greatheartedness guidance handout happy family harmony heart hero worship hope humaneness humanitarianism humanity identity idolatry idolism idolization indulgence interest justice kindliness kinship largeheartedness largesse lasciviousness lenience leniency lenity liberality libido like like-mindedness liking long-suffering love love of mankind lovemaking magnanimity married love munificence mutuality natural virtues offering offertory oneness passion patience patronage peace permissiveness philanthropism philanthropy physical love pittance popular regard popularity prudence rapport rapprochement reciprocity regard relief seconding sentiment sex sexual love sharing shine solidarity spiritual love sponsorship subscription supernatural virtues sympathy symphony team spirit temperance tender feeling tender passion theological virtues tithe tolerance toleration truelove tutelage understanding union unison unity unselfishness utilitarianism uxoriousness votive offering weakness welfare welfarism well-disposedness worship yearning


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