1. (v. t.) To lay on or impose, as a load, tax, or burden; to load; to fill.

2. (v. t.) To lay on or impose, as a task, duty, or trust; to command, instruct, or exhort with authority; to enjoin; to urge earnestly; as, to charge a jury; to charge the clergy of a diocese; to charge an agent.

3. (v. t.) To lay on, impose, or make subject to or liable for.

4. (v. t.) To fix or demand as a price; as, he charges two dollars a barrel for apples.

5. (v. t.) To place something to the account of as a debt; to debit, as, to charge one with goods. Also, to enter upon the debit side of an account; as, to charge a sum to one.

6. (v. t.) To impute or ascribe; to lay to one's charge.

7. (v. t.) To accuse; to make a charge or assertion against (a person or thing); to lay the responsibility (for something said or done) at the door of.

8. (v. t.) To place within or upon any firearm, piece of apparatus or machinery, the quantity it is intended and fitted to hold or bear; to load; to fill; as, to charge a gun; to charge an electrical machine, etc.

9. (v. t.) To ornament with or cause to bear; as, to charge an architectural member with a molding.

10. (v. t.) To assume as a bearing; as, he charges three roses or; to add to or represent on; as, he charges his shield with three roses or.

11. (v. t.) To call to account; to challenge.

12. (v. t.) To bear down upon; to rush upon; to attack.

13. (v. i.) To make an onset or rush; as, to charge with fixed bayonets.

14. (v. i.) To demand a price; as, to charge high for goods.

15. (v. i.) To debit on an account; as, to charge for purchases.

16. (v. i.) To squat on its belly and be still; -- a command given by a sportsman to a dog.

17. (n.) A load or burden laid upon a person or thing.

18. (n.) A person or thing committed or entrusted to the care, custody, or management of another; a trust.

19. (v. t.) Custody or care of any person, thing, or place; office; responsibility; oversight; obligation; duty.

20. (v. t.) Heed; care; anxiety; trouble.

21. (v. t.) Harm.

22. (n.) An order; a mandate or command; an injunction.

23. (n.) An address (esp. an earnest or impressive address) containing instruction or exhortation; as, the charge of a judge to a jury; the charge of a bishop to his clergy.

24. (n.) An accusation of a wrong of offense; allegation; indictment; specification of something alleged.

25. (v. t.) Whatever constitutes a burden on property, as rents, taxes, lines, etc.; costs; expense incurred; -- usually in the plural.

26. (n.) The price demanded for a thing or service.

27. (n.) An entry or a account of that which is due from one party to another; that which is debited in a business transaction; as, a charge in an account book.

28. (v. t.) That quantity, as of ammunition, electricity, ore, fuel, etc., which any apparatus, as a gun, battery, furnace, machine, etc., is intended to receive and fitted to hold, or which is actually in it at one time

29. (n.) The act of rushing upon, or towards, an enemy; a sudden onset or attack, as of troops, esp. cavalry; hence, the signal for attack; as, to sound the charge.

30. (n.) A position (of a weapon) fitted for attack; as, to bring a weapon to the charge.

31. (n.) A soft of plaster or ointment.

32. (n.) A bearing. See Bearing, n., 8.

33. (n.) Thirty-six pigs of lead, each pig weighing about seventy pounds; -- called also charre.

34. (n.) Weight; import; value.

accountability accounting for accounts payable accounts receivable accredit accusal accusation accuse accusing achievement action activate adjure administration admission admission fee admonish advowson afflict agency agentship aggravated assault aggression alerion allegation allege allegement allegiance amount amount due amperage amphibious attack amplify anchorage animal charge annulet answerability anticathexis application argent armed assault armipotence armorial bearings armory arms arraign arraignment arrogation article ascription ask assail assailing assailment assault assert assess assessment assign assignation assigned task assignment attachment attack attribute attribution auspices authority authorization authorize azure bad debts bail bale bandeau bang banzai attack bar bar sinister baton bear hard upon bearings beef behest bellyful bend bend sinister benefice bid bidding bill bill of particulars billet bills black power blame blast blazon blazonry blitz blitzkrieg boil bolt book boot bordure borrowing bossing bounden duty breakthrough brevet brim bring accusation bring charges bring to book bringing of charges bringing to book broad arrow brokerage brute force budget budget items bumper burden burden of expenditure burden with burdening burthen business busywork buy on credit cadency mark call of duty call on call the signals call upon canton capacity care care of souls carfare cargo carload carrying charge cartload cathectic energy cathexis caution cellarage censure chaplet chare charge for charges charging charisma charter chase chevron chief chits chock choke chore cite claim client clog clout coat of arms cock cockatrice cogence cogency command commission commissioning commit commitment committal complain complaint complement compulsion concern conduct congest connection with consign consignment contaminate control coronet cost cost of living cost-of-living allowance cost-of-living index costs count counterattack countercathexis counteroffensive coup de main cover charge cram credit crescent crest criminate crippling attack cross cross moline crowd crown crush cumber cumbrance curacy cure custodianship custody damage dash dash at dead set at deadweight debit debt declare decree dedication deference delation delegate delegated authority delegation demand denounce denouncement denunciate denunciation dependent deputation depute deputize derivation from descent on desire concentration detach detail detonate device devoir devolute


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