1. (n.) Any substance used for making bodies adhere to each other, as mortar, glue, etc.

2. (n.) A kind of calcined limestone, or a calcined mixture of clay and lime, for making mortar which will harden under water.

3. (n.) The powder used in cementation. See Cementation.

4. (n.) Bond of union; that which unites firmly, as persons in friendship, or men in society.

5. (n.) The layer of bone investing the root and neck of a tooth; -- called also cementum.

6. (n.) To unite or cause to adhere by means of a cement.

7. (n.) To unite firmly or closely.

8. (n.) To overlay or coat with cement; as, to cement a cellar bottom.

9. (v. i.) To become cemented or firmly united; to cohere.

Tarmac Tarvia accouple accumulate adamant adhere adherent adhesive adobe affix agglutinate amass anchor annex articulate ashlar asphalt assemble associate attach band barnacle belay bind biscuit bisque bitumen bituminous macadam blacktop bond bone bony bowl bracket bramble braze brick bricks and mortar bridge bridge over brier bulldog burr carpet causeway cemental ceramic ware ceramics chain china cinch clamp clap together clinch cling clinker cobble cobblestone cohere collect combine comprise concatenate concrete conglobulate conjoin conjugate connect copulate corneous couple cover covering materials cramp crock crockery curb curbing curbstone decal decalcomania dense diamond diamondlike dure edgestone embrace enamelware encompass engraft fasten ferroconcrete firebrick fix flag flagging flagstone flint flintlike flinty floor flooring fuse gather glass glue graft granite granitelike granitic grapple gravel grout gum gunk hard hard as nails hardhearted heart of oak hold horny include iron iron-hard ironlike join jug kerb kerbstone knit knot lapideous lath and plaster lay together league leech limpet link lithoid lithoidal lump together macadam make fast marble marblelike marry marshal masonry mass mastic merge metal mobilize molasses moor mortar mucilage nails oak obdurate osseous pair parget paste pave pavement pavestone paving paving material paving stone pebble piece together plaster plasters porcelain pot pottery prestressed concrete prickle put to put together refractory remora resistant resistive road metal rock rocklike rocky roll into one roofage roofing roughcast screw up secure set set to siding solder solid span splice steel steellike steely stick stick together sticker stone stonelike stony stucco syrup take in tape tar tarmacadam thorn tie tighten tile tiling tough trice up trim unify unite urn vase walling washboard weld yoke


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