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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Cease.

Z accident action anagnorisis angle apodosis architectonics architecture argument atmosphere background bad luck bitter end bloodless revolution blow bouleversement breakdown breaking up breakup calamity casualty cataclysm cave cave-in ceasing cessation characterization clean slate clean sweep climax coda collapse collision color completion complication computer revolution conclusion consummation continuity contretemps contrivance convulsion counterrevolution crack of doom crack-up crash culmination curtain curtains death debacle decease denouement design destination destiny development device disaster doom effect end end point end result ending envoi epilogue episode eschatology expiration fable failure falling action fate fiasco final result final solution final twitch final words finale finality finis finish gimmick goal grief ill hap incident izzard last last act last breath last gasp last things last trumpet last words latter end line local color misadventure mischance misfortune mishap mood motif movement mythos nasty blow omega overthrow overturn palace revolution payoff period peripeteia peroration pileup plan plot quietus radical change recognition resolution resting place revolt revolution revolutionary war revulsion rising action scheme secondary plot shipwreck shock slant smash smashup spasm staggering blow stoppage stopping place story striking alteration structure subject subplot subversion swan song sweeping change switch tabula rasa technological revolution term terminal termination terminus thematic development theme tone topic total change total loss tragedy transilience twist upset violent change washout windup wrack wreck


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