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1. (a.) Of fundamental importance; preeminent; chief; superior; principal; as a cardinal rule\.

2. (a.) One of the ecclesiastical princes who constitute the pope's council, or the sacred college.

3. (n.) A woman's short cloak with a hood.

4. (a.) Mulled red wine.

Gaussian integer Grand Penitentiary Holy Father Titian Titian-red abuna algebraic number algorismic algorithmic aliquot all-absorbing antipope arch archbishop archdeacon archpriest banner bishop bishop coadjutor bricky canon capital cardinal bishop cardinal deacon cardinal number cardinal priest carmine carnation carnelian central cerise champion chaplain cherry cherry-colored cherry-red chief coadjutor complex number constitutive controlling crimson crowning curate damask dean decimal defective number differential digital diocesan dominant ecclesiarch essential even even number exarch exponential ferruginous fiery figural figurate figurative finite finite number fire-red first flame-colored flame-red flaming focal foremost fraction fractional fundamental glowing great gules headmost hegemonic hierarch high priest highest hot imaginary imaginary number impair important impossible incarmined infinite infinity inflamed infrared integer integral iron-red irrational irrational number key lake-colored laky lateritious leading lobster-red logarithmic logometric lurid magisterial main maroon master metropolitan mixed number necessary negative numeral numerary numerative numeric odd ordinal overriding overruling pair papa paramount patriarch penitentiary pivotal polygonal number pontiff pope port-wine positive possible prebendary predominant preeminent prelate premier preponderant prevailing primal primary primate prime prime number principal puce pure imaginary radical ranking rational rational number real real number reciprocal rectangular number rector red red-dyed red-looking reddened reddish reddish-amber reddish-brown round number rubicund rubiginous rubric rubricose ruby ruby-colored ruby-red ruddied ruddy rufescent rufous ruling rural dean rust rust-red rusty scarlet serial number sovereign special stammel star stellar subdean submultiple suffragan supereminent supreme surd tile-red topflight topmost transcendental transcendental number transfinite number uppermost vermilion vicar vinaceous vital warm whole number wine wine-colored wine-red


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