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1. (n.) The act of seizing by force, or getting possession of by superior power or by stratagem; as, the capture of an enemy, a vessel, or a criminal.

2. (n.) The securing of an object of strife or desire, as by the power of some attraction.

3. (n.) The thing taken by force, surprise, or stratagem; a prize; prey.

4. (v. t.) To seize or take possession of by force, surprise, or stratagem; to overcome and hold; to secure by effort.

abduction acquire apprehend apprehension arrest arrestation arrestment bag be seized of bear the palm booty bust carry carry away carry it carry off carry the day catch catching collar collaring come by come in for come into come out first contract corral coup derive drag down dragnet draw earn enter into possession finish in front fluke forcible seizure gain gain the day get grab grabbing harvest haul hold kidnapping lay hold of make make a killing make an arrest nab nabbing nail net netting nick obtain pick up picking up pinch power grab prehend prehension procure pull down put under arrest reap run in running in sack score secure seize seizure seizure of power snatch snatching take take captive take hold of take in take into custody take prisoner take the cake taking taking in taking into custody win win out win the battle win the laurels win the palm win the prize win through


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