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1. (n.) A head, or chief officer

2. (n.) The military officer who commands a company, troop, or battery, or who has the rank entitling him to do so though he may be employed on other service.

3. (n.) An officer in the United States navy, next above a commander and below a commodore, and ranking with a colonel in the army.

4. (n.) By courtesy, an officer actually commanding a vessel, although not having the rank of captain.

5. (n.) The master or commanding officer of a merchant vessel.

6. (n.) One in charge of a portion of a ship's company; as, a captain of a top, captain of a gun, etc.

7. (n.) The foreman of a body of workmen.

8. (n.) A person having authority over others acting in concert; as, the captain of a boat's crew; the captain of a football team.

9. (n.) A military leader; a warrior.

10. (v. t.) To act as captain of; to lead.

11. (a.) Chief; superior.

ADC CO G-man MP OD administer administrate admiral aeronaut aeroplaner aeroplanist aide aide-de-camp air pilot airplanist astronaut aviator bailiff barnstormer be master be responsible for beadle beagle birdman boatswain bound bailiff brigadier brigadier general call the signals carry on castellan catchpole chair chatelain chatelaine chicken colonel chief engineer chief mate chief of police chief of staff chief petty officer cloud seeder colonel command commandant commander commander in chief commanding officer commercial pilot commissioned officer commissioner commodore company officer conduct constable control copilot crop-duster deck officer deputy deputy sheriff detective direct director discipline engineer ensign exec executive executive officer fed federal field marshal field officer first lieutenant five-star general fleet admiral flic flier four-star general gendarme general general officer generalissimo govern government man governor handle head head up inspector instructor intendant jemadar jet jockey junior officer lead lead on licensed pilot lictor lieutenant lieutenant colonel lieutenant commander lieutenant general lieutenant junior grade mace-bearer major major general make the rules manage manager maneuver manipulate marechal marshal master mastermind mate mounted policeman narc naval officer navarch navigating officer navigator officer one-star general order orderly officer patrolman patron peace officer petty officer pilot pipes police captain police commissioner police constable police inspector police matron police officer police sergeant policeman policewoman portreeve prescribe preside over pull the strings quarterback quartermaster rainmaker rear admiral reeve regulate risaldar roundsman ruler run sailing master second mate senior officer sergeant sergeant at arms shavetail sheriff shipmaster sirdar skipper staff officer stand over stunt flier stunt man subahdar subaltern sublieutenant superintendent supervise take command take the lead test pilot the Old Man the brass three-star general tipstaff tipstaves top brass trooper two-star general vice admiral warrant officer watch officer wield authority wingman


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