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1. (n.) An ornamental covering or housing for a horse; the harness or trappings of a horse, taken collectively, esp. when decorative.

2. (n.) Gay or rich clothing.

3. (v. t.) To cover with housings, as a horse; to harness or fit out with decorative trappings, as a horse.

4. (v. t.) To adorn with rich dress; to dress.

accouterments back band backstrap bearing rein bellyband bit blinders blinds breeching bridle cavesson checkrein cheekpiece chinband cinch collar crownband crupper curb furnishings gag swivel getup girth hackamore halter hames hametugs harness headgear headstall hip straps horse blanket horsecloth housing jaquima jerk line lines livery martingale noseband outfit pole strap reins ribbons rig saddle saddle blanket saddlecloth shaft tug side check snaffle surcingle tack tackle things trappings trousseau tug turnout wardrobe winker braces yoke


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