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(n.) A charm; an incantation; a shell; a trick; adroit mischief.

absorb absorb the attention adorability agacerie agreeability agreeableness alchemy allay allure allurement amiability amulet anklet appeal appealingness argue into armlet arrest ascendancy assuage attract attraction attractiveness authority bait baited trap bangle beads beauteousness beautifulness beauty beauty unadorned becharm beguile beguilement beguiling bevy bewitch bewitchery bewitchment bijou bind blandishment bloom bracelet breastpin bring over bring round bring to reason brooch cajolery calm cantrip captivate captivation carry away cast a spell catch chain chaplet charisma charmingness charms chatelaine circle cloud clout come-hither come-on con conjuration consequence control convince coronet covey credit crown cultivation culture curse decoy decoy duck delectate delight delightfulness desirability diadem divination dominance domination draw draw on draw over drawcard drawing card earring effect elegance eminence enamor enchant enchantment endear endearment engage engage the attention engage the thoughts engross engross the mind engross the thoughts enrapture enravish enravishment enthrall enthrallment enticement entrance entrancement entrapment esteem evil eye exercise exorcism exquisiteness extraordinarily fascinate fascination favor fetish fetishism flight flirtation flock fob folklore forbidden fruit force freak out fylfot gaggle gain gain over gammadion gem glamour glow good feeling good-luck charm grab grace gramarye gratefulness grip ground bait handsomeness hex hive hold hold in thrall hold spellbound hold the interest hoodoo hook hook in hypnotize immerse imparadise importance incantation incidental power inducement infatuate inflame with love influence influentiality insinuation interest intrigue inveiglement invitation invitingness involve involve the interest jewel jinx juju jujuism knock dead knock out leadership leverage likability locket lore lovability love charm loveliness lovesomeness luck lucky bean lucky piece lure luxury madstone magic magic spell magnetism magnetize malocchio mascot mastery mesmerize miraculously moment monopolize mumbo jumbo murmuration natural magic necklace necromancy nose ring obeah obsess occupy occupy the attention outtalk overcome perfectly periapt personality persuade persuasion philter phylactery pin plague polish popular belief potency power precious stone predominance preoccupy preponderance pressure prestige prettiness prevail on prevail upon prevail with pulchritude pull purchase


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