1. (n.) A knob; a small ball; a small, roundish mass.

2. (n.) A catch, of various forms and materials, used to fasten together the different parts of dress, by being attached to one part, and passing through a slit, called a buttonhole, in the other; -- used also for ornament.

3. (n.) A bud; a germ of a plant.

4. (n.) A piece of wood or metal, usually flat and elongated, turning on a nail or screw, to fasten something, as a door.

5. (n.) A globule of metal remaining on an assay cupel or in a crucible, after fusion.

6. (n.) To fasten with a button or buttons; to enclose or make secure with buttons; -- often followed by up.

7. (n.) To dress or clothe.

8. (v. i.) To be fastened by a button or buttons; as, the coat will not button.

a continental a curse a damn a darn a hoot anchor armory articulate badge badge of office badges bagatelle band bandage bang bantam banty bar barrette barricade baton batten batten down bauble bean bellyband belt bibelot bilge bind binding binding stone binding twine bit blain blazonry bleb blister blob bobby pin bollard bolt bonder bondstone boss bow box hook brace braces brad braid brass farthing brassard bubble buckle bulb bulge bulla bullion bump bunch burl butt button up cable cahot cap and gown carpet tack cast casting catch cent chain chain of office chin chine chit choke choke off cinch cincture clamp clap clasp class ring cleat click clinch clip close close up clothespin clump cockade collar condyle constrict contain contract convex corking pin cotter cover cross curio decoration diminutive dovetail dowel dress eagle ear emblems ensigns farce farthing fasces fasten feather featherweight fibula fig figurehead fillet fingerling fishhook flange flap fleabite fleur-de-lis fold fold up folderol fribble frippery funiculus gall garter gate gaud gewgaw gimcrack girdle girth gnarl grab grapnel grappler grappling iron guy hair hairpin halfpenny hammer and sickle handle hank hasp hawser haywire heraldry hill hill of beans hinge hitch hitching post holdfast hook hook and eye hump hunch ingot inkle insignia interlocker jam jest jog joggle joint joke kevel key kickshaw kingpin knickknack knickknackery knob knot knur knurl lace lacing lapel pin lariat latch latchet leader ligament lightweight line lip livery lock lock out lock up loop lump mace mantle markings medal mentum mini minikin minnow minny miter mockery mole molehill moorings mortarboard mortise mountain mouse nail nevus noose nub nubbin nubble nut occlude old school tie padlock paper clip papilloma pawl peewee peg peppercorn picayune pig pin pinch of snuff pinprick pintle plumb pony rabbet rap red cent regalia regulus


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