1. (n.) A piece of sculpture representing the upper part of the human figure, including the head, shoulders, and breast.

2. (n.) The portion of the human figure included between the head and waist, whether in statuary or in the person; the chest or thorax; the upper part of the trunk of the body.

abase abasement ado apprehend apprehension arch arrest arrestation arrestment bacchanal bacchanalia bacchanalian backfire bad times bag bang bankrupt bankruptcy barrow bat be ruined become insolvent bender binge blast blow out blow up bomb boobs boom boot booze bosom bottoming out bounce bouncing check boundary stone bout box brannigan brass breach break break in break to harness breast breasts brisket bum bump burst business cycle business fluctuations bustle cairn can capture carousal carouse carving cashier casting down celebration cenotaph check chest chip chop clamor clap clash clout collapse collar column compotation cooling off crack crash crisis cromlech crop cross crump cup cyclolith debase debasement debauch deconsecrate defrock degradation degrade degrading dement demerit demote demotion deplume depluming depose depression deprive detain dethrone detonate disbar discharge discrown disemploy disenthrone disgrade disgrading dismiss displace displume displuming doll dolly dolmen domesticate downgrade downgrading downturn drinking bout drum out drunk drunken carousal dud dug dull thud dummy economic cycle economic expansion economic growth economic stagnation escapade evil day excommunicate exfoliate expanding economy expansion expel explode fail failure fantoccini figure figurehead figurine fire fissure fizzle flap flat failure fling flop floperoo flunk flunk out flurry fold fold up footstone fracture frost fulminate furlough furore fuss gentle gingerbread man give the ax give the gate go bankrupt go into receivership go off go to pot go to ruin go under go up grave gravestone growth guzzle hard times hassle haymaker headstone heavy weather high growth rate hoarstone housebreak hubbub humble humbling hurly-burly impoverish inscription insolvency insufficient funds jag kick kick upstairs kited check knock knockers lark lay figure lay off lemon let go let off let out liquidate loser low lower make a pinch make redundant mama mamelon mamelonation mammary gland mammilla mammillation man of straw manikin mannequin marionette marker market expansion mausoleum megalith memento memorial memorial arch memorial column memorial statue memorial stone menhir model monolith monument mound nab necrology nenes netting nipple obelisk obituary orgy oust


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