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(imp. & p. p.) of Bunch.

A to Z A to izzard account accumulate accumulated accumulation acervation add up add up to agglomerate agglomeration aggregate to aggregation aggroup all all and sundry all-embracing all-inclusive alpha and omega amass amassed amassment amount amount to assemblage assemble assembled batch be-all be-all and end-all beginning and end box score bring together budget bulk bunch bunch together bunch up bunched bundled cast chunk clump clumped cluster clustered collect collected colligate collocate combine combined come come to compare compile complement comprehensive comprise congeries conglobation conglomerate conglomeration congregate congregated contain corral count cumulate cumulation difference dig up draw together dredge up drive together each and every entire entirety everything exhaustive fascicled fasciculated gather gather in gather together gathered gathering get in get together glomerate glomeration gob gross group heaped holistic hunk in session inclusive integral integrated join joined joint juxtapose knotted leagued length and breadth lump lump together lumped make up mass massed match meeting mobilize mount up to muster number omnibus one one and all one and indivisible package package deal packaged pair partner piled product put together quantity quantum raise rake up rally reckon up to reckoning round up run into run to score scrape together set snowball stacked stockpile sum sum total summation take up tale tally the bottom line the corpus the ensemble the entirety the lot the story the whole the whole range the whole story tot up to total totality tote tote up to unitize universal wad whip in whole wrapped up x number


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