1. (n.) A bag or sack with its contents; hence, a stock or store; an accumulation; as, a budget of inventions.

2. (n.) The annual financial statement which the British chancellor of the exchequer makes in the House of Commons. It comprehends a general view of the finances of the country, with the proposed plan of taxation for the ensuing year. The term is sometimes applied to a similar statement in other countries.

Swiss bank account abundance accounts accounts payable accounts receivable accumulation agenda aggregate allotment allowance amassment amount assets backlog balance bale bank account batch batting order big end bigger half bill bill of fare bindle bit bite blueprint bolt book bottom dollar bouquet budget items budgeting bulk bunch bundle burden of expenditure calendar card carrying charge carte du jour cash reserves charges cheap checking account chunk clutch collection command of money commissariat commissary commission contingent cornucopia cost cost of living cost out cost-of-living allowance cost-of-living index costing-out costs count cumulation cut deal deck destiny direct costs disbursals disburse distributed costs dividend docket dole dose dump easy economic economy end equal share exchequer expend expenditures expense expense account expenses fagot fardel fasces fascine fate finances fork out frugal fund funds general expenses go through gob group half halver heap helping hoard hunk incur costs indirect costs inexpensive interest inventory invest kitty labor costs larder large amount lay out liabilities life savings line up lineup list of agenda lot low low-priced manageable mass material material costs materials materiel means measure meed menu mess moderate modest modicum moiety moneys munitions nest egg nominal nosegay number open the purse operating costs operating expense outlay outstanding accounts overhead pack package packet parcel part pay pay out pecuniary resources percentage piece pile playbill plenitude plenty pocket pool portion posy prime cost program program of operation programma proportion prospectus protocol provisionment provisions purse put out quantity quantum quiver quota rake-off ration rations reasonable receipts repertoire repertory replacement cost reserves resources rick roll roster rouleau run through savings savings account schedule segment sensible shabby share shoddy sink money in slate slice small amount small share spend splurge squander stack stake stock stock-in-trade stockpile store stores substance sum supplies supply on hand swindle sheet throw money around token total treasure treasury truss unexpensive unit cost unpaid accounts unregistered bank account wherewithal within means worth the money


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