1. (v.) To mention for the first time, as to broach a subject\. 2. (n.) A spit.

2. (n.) An awl; a bodkin; also, a wooden rod or pin, sharpened at each end, used by thatchers.

3. (n.) A straight tool with file teeth, made of steel, to be pressed through irregular holes in metal that cannot be dressed by revolving tools; a drift.

4. (n.) A broad chisel for stonecutting.

5. (n.) A spire rising from a tower.

6. (n.) A clasp for fastening a garment. See Brooch.

7. (n.) A spit like start, on the head of a young stag.

8. (n.) The stick from which candle wicks are suspended for dipping.

9. (n.) The pin in a lock which enters the barrel of the key.

10. (n.) To spit; to pierce as with a spit.

11. (n.) To tap; to pierce, as a cask, in order to draw the liquor. Hence: To let out; to shed, as blood.

12. (n.) To open for the first time, as stores.

13. (n.) To make public; to utter; to publish first; to put forth; to introduce as a topic of conversation.

14. (n.) To cause to begin or break out.

15. (n.) To shape roughly, as a block of stone, by chiseling with a coarse tool.

16. (v.) To enlarge or dress (a hole), by using a broach.

advance air auger bite bleed blue bore bring before bring forward bring in bring up chink christen cleave clip commend to attention countersink crack crevasse cut cut open decant dispart display divaricate divide divulge draft draft off drain draw draw from draw off drill empierce empty establish exhaust expansive extended fissure fix float fly open found give out gore gouge gouge out hint at hole honeycomb impale inaugurate incise induct initiate install institute interject interpose introduce lance launch lay before lay open let let blood let out lift up make a motion make known make public mention milk moot move needle off-color offer a resolution ope open open up part penetrate perforate phlebotomize pierce pin pink pipette pose postulate prefer prick propose proposition propound pump pump out punch puncture purple put forth put forward put it to put out racy raise ream ream out recommend rent riddle rift ring in rip risque rive run through salty scopic separate set agoing set before set forth set on foot set up shady siphon off skewer slit spear spicy spike spit split spread spread out spring open stab start start going start up stick submit suck suck out suggest suggestive swing open talk about tap tear tear open throw open touch on touch upon transfix transpierce trepan trephine turn on usher in venesect ventilate wicked wide


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