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acclimate acclimatize accommodate accommodate with accord accustom adapt adapt to adjust adjust to advance afford agree with alter ameliorate arrange arrange matters assimilate assimilate to attune balance be guided by bend bestow better billet board bow break break in break up bring to terms bring together cancel case harden cater to change chime in with close close with clothe compensate comply comply with compose compound compromise conclude condition confirm conform contribute convenience convert coordinate cop out correct correspond counterbalance counterpoise countervail cut to defer deform denature discipline diversify do a favor do a service do right by domesticate domesticize domicile domiciliate donate duck responsibility encase enclose endow entertain equalize equate equip establish evade responsibility even even up fall in with familiarize favor favor with fill fill up find fit fix fix up float a loan follow fund furnish furnish accommodations gear to gentle give give and take give way go by go fifty-fifty habituate harbor harden harmonize heal the breach heap upon hold homologate homologize house housebreak humor improve indulge indulge with integrate inure invest keep key to lavish upon lease-lend lend lend-lease level loan loan-shark lodge maintain make a deal make an adjustment make available make concessions make conform make plumb make provision for make uniform make up measure mediate meet meet halfway meliorate mitigate modify modulate mold mutate naturalize negotiate a loan oblige observe orient orient the map orientate overthrow patch things up play politics poise pour on prepare present proportion provide provide for put in tune put up quadrate qualify quarter re-create reach a compromise realign rebuild reconcile reconstruct recruit rectify redesign refit reform regulate remake renew replenish reshape resolve restore harmony restructure reunite revamp revive right ring the changes rub off corners season serve set set right settle settle differences settle with shape shelter shift the scene show kindness to shower down upon shuffle the cards similarize smooth it over split the difference square stock store straighten straighten out strike a balance strike a bargain submit subsidize subvert suit supply support surrender sync synchronize tailor take the mean tally with tame train treat well trim to TRUE true up tune turn the scale turn the tables turn the tide turn upside down vary weave peace between wont work a change


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