1. (n.) A block or clay tempered with water, sand, etc., molded into a regular form, usually rectangular, and sun-dried, or burnt in a kiln, or in a heap or stack called a clamp.

2. (n.) Bricks, collectively, as designating that kind of material; as, a load of brick; a thousand of brick.

3. (n.) Any oblong rectangular mass; as, a brick of maple sugar; a penny brick (of bread).

4. (n.) A good fellow; a merry person; as, you 're a brick.

5. (v. t.) To lay or pave with bricks; to surround, line, or construct with bricks.

6. (v. t.) To imitate or counterfeit a brick wall on, as by smearing plaster with red ocher, making the joints with an edge tool, and pointing them.

Tarmac Tarvia adamant adobe ashlar asphalt biscuit bisque bitumen bituminous macadam blacktop block board bone bowl bricks and mortar buddy cement ceramic ware ceramics china chum chunk clapboard clinker cobble cobblestone comrade concrete covering materials crackerjack crock crockery cube curb curbing curbstone diamond doll edgestone enamelware face ferroconcrete firebrick flag flagging flagstone flint flooring friend glass glaze good Joe good egg good guy granite gravel heart of oak hunk iron jug kerb kerbstone lath lath and plaster likely lad macadam marble masonry mortar nails nice guy no slouch oak pal paper pavement pavestone paving paving material paving stone plank plasters porcelain pot pottery prestressed concrete pussycat refractory revet road metal rock roofage roofing shake sheathe shingle siding slab slate steel stone stout fellow tarmacadam thatch tile tiling trump urn vase veneer wall in wall up walling wallpaper washboard weatherboard


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