1. (n.) The air inhaled and exhaled in respiration; air which, in the process of respiration, has parted with oxygen and has received carbonic acid, aqueous vapor, warmth, etc.

2. (n.) The act of breathing naturally or freely; the power or capacity to breathe freely; as, I am out of breath.

3. (n.) The power of respiration, and hence, life.

4. (n.) Time to breathe; respite; pause.

5. (n.) A single respiration, or the time of making it; a single act; an instant.

6. (n.) Fig.: That which gives or strengthens life.

7. (n.) A single word; the slightest effort; a trifle.

8. (n.) A very slight breeze; air in gentle motion.

9. (n.) Fragrance; exhalation; odor; perfume.

10. (n.) Gentle exercise, causing a quicker respiration.

Aqua-Lung a breath afterdamp amaze anima anima humana animating force aroma artificial respiration aspiration asthmatic wheeze astonish astound atman ba bated breath bathmism beating heart biological clock biorhythm bit blackdamp blood blow break breath of air breath of life breather breathing breathing place breathing space breathing spell breathing time breathy voice breeze broken wind brush buddhi capful of wind caress chokedamp cigarette break cloud cocktail hour coffee break contact cough coup crack cutaneous sense damp dash dazzle definite odor detectable odor divine breath divine spark downtime effluvium ego elan vital emanation enforced respite essence essence of life exhalation expiration exsufflation feel feeling fetid air fingertip caress firedamp flash flatus flavor flick fluid force of life fragrance fume gasp glance graze growth force gulp gust hack half a jiffy half a mo half a second half a shake halt hand-mindedness happy hour heart heartbeat heartblood hiccup hint impulse of life indication inhalation inhalator inner man inspiration inspiriting force instant insufflation interlude intermission iron lung jiff jiffy jiva jivatma khu kiss lambency lap letup lick life breath life cycle life essence life force life principle life process lifeblood light touch little little bit little voice little while living force low voice lull malaria manes mephitis miasma microsecond millisecond mind minute moment mouth-to-mouth resuscitation mumble mumbling murmur murmuration murmuring mutter muttering nephesh no time odor oxygen mask oxygen tent pair of winks pant pause pneuma prana psyche puff puff of air puff of smoke puff of wind purusha recess redolence reek respiration respite rest ruach rub savor scent scuba seat of life sec second sense of touch shade shadow shake shock short spell short time sigh small space smell smoke smudge sneeze sniff sniffle snore snoring snuff snuffle soft voice soul soupcon span spark of life spell spirit spiritual being spiritus split second spoor spurt stage whisper stagger startle stay steam stench sternutation stertor still small voice stir stir of air stirring streak stroke subtle odor suggestion surcease surprise suspension suspicion suspiration susurration susurrus tactile sense taction tap tea break ten tentative poke the self tick time out touch trace trail trice twink twinkle twinkling


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