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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Break.

Wall Street loan abatement of differences about-face acclimation acclimatization accommodations accord accordance accustoming acquiescence adaptation adaption adjustment advance advantage agreement alignment alteration amelioration amenity apostasy appliance appurtenance arrangement assimilation attunement award awarding bargain bearings bed bed and board bestowal bestowment betterment board board and room break breaking breaking-in burden call loan call money capacity case hardening change change of heart changeableness closing coaptation collateral loan communication compliance composition composition of differences compromise concession conclusion conditioning conferment conferral conformance conformation conformation other-direction conformity congruity consistency constructive change content continuity contribution convenience conventionality conversion coordination cop-out cordage correspondence deal defection degeneration degenerative change deliverance delivery demand loan desertion of principle deterioration deviation difference digs discontinuity disorientation divergence diversification diversion diversity domestication donation endowment equalization equalizing equating equation equilibration evasion of responsibility evening evening up external loan facilities facility familiarization favor financial assistance fitting flexibility flip-flop foreign loan furnishment gifting give-and-take giving giving way gradual change grant grant-in-aid granting habituation hardening harmonization harmony housebreaking housing impartation impartment improvement integration inurement investiture keep keeping lend liberality limit line loan lodgings long-term loan malleability measure melioration mitigation modification modulation mutual concession naturalization obedience observance offer orientation orthodoxy overthrow pliancy policy loan poundage premises presentation presentment provision qualification quantity quarters radical change re-creation realignment reconcilement reconciliation redesign reform reformation regulation remaking renewal reshaping resolution restructuring reversal revival revivification revolution room rooms sealing seasoning secured loan settlement shelter shift short-term loan signature signing solemnization space squaring stowage strictness subscription subsistence sudden change supplying surrender switch synchronization taming terms time loan timing tonnage total change traditionalism training transition treaty turn turnabout understanding uniformity unsecured loan upheaval variation variety violent change volume vouchsafement worsening yielding


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