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(n.) A florid, brilliant style of music, written for effect, to show the range and flexibility of a singer's voice, or the technical force and skill of a performer; virtuoso music.

Daedalian ability address adept adeptness adroit adroitness adventuresomeness adventurousness airmanship alto apt aria aria buffa aria cantabile aria da capo aria da chiesa aria di bravura aria di coloratura aria fugata aria parlante arietta arioso artfulness artisanship artistic artistry audaciousness audacity authoritative balls baritone bass bel canto blazon bravado brave braw brilliance brilliancy brilliant cantabile capability capacity chichi choral choral singing choric clean clever cleverness coloratura command competence control coordinated coordination crack crackerjack craft craftsmanship croon crooning cunning cute daedal daring dash dashing deft deftness demonstration derring-do dexterity dexterous dexterousness dextrous dextrousness diplomacy diplomatic display dramatic dramatics dressy eclat efficiency enterprise etalage excellent exhibition exhibitionism exhibitionistic expert expertise facility false front falsetto fancy fanfaronade figure finesse flair flashing flashy flaunt flaunting flourish folk singing foolhardiness frilly frothy gallant gay glittering good goodish grace graceful grip handiness handy heroic histrionics horsemanship hum humming hymnal ingenious ingeniousness ingenuity intonation jaunty jazzy know-how liturgical lyric lyricism magisterial manifestation marksmanship masterful masterly mastership mastery neat no mean operatic operatic singing overboldness pageant pageantry parade politic practical ability professional proficiency proficient prowess psalmic psalmodial psalmodic quick quickness quite some rakish readiness ready recitative resource resourceful resourcefulness sacred savoir-faire savvy scat scat singing seamanship sham show showing-off showy singing skill skillful skillfulness slick snazzy sol-fa sol-fa exercise solfeggio solmization solo some song soprano spectacle splash splashy splurge splurgy sporty staginess statesmanlike style stylish tact tactful tactfulness technical brilliance technical mastery technical skill technique tenor the compleat the complete theatrics timing tonic sol-fa treble vaunt venturesomeness venturousness virtuosity virtuoso vocal vocal music vocalization warbling well-done wit wizardry workmanlike workmanship yodel yodeling


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