1. (superl.) Bold; courageous; daring; intrepid; -- opposed to cowardly; as, a brave man; a brave act.

2. (superl.) Having any sort of superiority or excellence; -- especially such as in conspicuous.

3. (superl.) Making a fine show or display.

4. (n.) A brave person; one who is daring.

5. (n.) Specifically, an Indian warrior.

6. (n.) A man daring beyond discretion; a bully.

7. (n.) A challenge; a defiance; bravado.

8. (v. t.) To encounter with courage and fortitude; to set at defiance; to defy; to dare.

9. (v. t.) To adorn; to make fine or showy.

Achilles Amazon David Hector Roland Samson a man abide abide with advantageous affront air serviceman audacious aweless baffle balk banter bear bear with beard bell the cat beneficial bid defiance bide bite the bullet blast bold bold-spirited bravura braw brazen brazen out breast bright bring before bring forward bring up brook bulldog call out cannon fodder challenge chance checkmate chichi chivalric chivalrous chutzpanik circumvent colorful colory confident confound confront confront with contravene counter counteract countermand counterwork courageous court destruction cross dare daring dash dashing dauntless decorated hero defeat defiant defy defy danger demigod demigoddess destroy discomfit disconcert discountenance dish disrupt double-dare doughty dressy elude encounter endure envisage exhibitionistic face face out face the music face up face up to face with favorable favoring fearless fighting cock fighting man fine flashing flashy flaunting flummox foil food for powder forget the odds frilly front frothy frustrate gallant gamble game gamecock gay glittering good soldier grand greathearted gritty gutsy halberdier handsome hang in hang in there hang tough hardy hazard helpful hero heroic heroine herolike hoplite indomitable intrepid ironhearted jaunty jazzy knightlike knightly knock the chocks lay before legionary lion lionhearted lump lump it macho man of courage man-at-arms manful manly meet meet boldly meet head-on meet squarely mettlesome military man navy man noble nonplus outdare outface paladin perplex persevere pikeman place before play with fire plucky present to propitious put it to put up with rakish resolute rifle rifleman risk ruin run the chance run the gauntlet run the risk sabotage scotch scream defiance serviceman set at defiance set before show fight showy smart snazzy soldier soldierlike soldierly speak out speak up spearman spectacular spike spirited splashy splendid splurgy spoil sporty spunky stalwart stand stand for stand up to stare down staunch steadfast stem stick stonewall stout stouthearted stump suffer support sustain take a chance take chances take up with tempt Providence the brave thwart tiger tolerate toward unafraid unapprehensive unblenching undaunted undismayed unfearful unfearing unflinching unfrightened unshrinking unswerving unyielding upset useful valiant valiant knight valorous venture


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