1. (n.) The lowest part of anything; the foot; as, the bottom of a tree or well; the bottom of a hill, a lane, or a page.

2. (n.) The part of anything which is beneath the contents and supports them, as the part of a chair on which a person sits, the circular base or lower head of a cask or tub, or the plank floor of a ship's hold; the under surface.

3. (n.) That upon which anything rests or is founded, in a literal or a figurative sense; foundation; groundwork.

4. (n.) The bed of a body of water, as of a river, lake, sea.

5. (n.) The fundament; the buttocks.

6. (n.) An abyss.

7. (n.) Low land formed by alluvial deposits along a river; low-lying ground; a dale; a valley.

8. (n.) The part of a ship which is ordinarily under water; hence, the vessel itself; a ship.

9. (n.) Power of endurance; as, a horse of a good bottom.

10. (n.) Dregs or grounds; lees; sediment.

11. (a.) of or pertaining to the bottom; fundamental; lowest; under; as, bottom rock; the bottom board of a wagon box; bottom prices.

12. (v. t.) To found or build upon; to fix upon as a support; -- followed by on or upon.

13. (v. t.) To furnish with a bottom; as, to bottom a chair.

14. (v. t.) To reach or get to the bottom of.

15. (v. i.) To rest, as upon an ultimate support; to be based or grounded; -- usually with on or upon.

16. (v. i.) To reach or impinge against the bottom, so as to impede free action, as when the point of a cog strikes the bottom of a space between two other cogs, or a piston the end of a cylinder.

17. (n.) A ball or skein of thread; a cocoon.

18. (v. t.) To wind round something, as in making a ball of thread.

argosy arse ass at bottom backbone backside bark basal base basement basic basically basin basis baygall bed bedrock behind belly best boat bog bottom glade bottomland bottommost bottoms breech bucket buffalo wallow bum butt buttocks can cause channel chutzpah coulee courage craft cut dale dell depths derriere dingle duff end essentiality essentially establish everglade fanny fen fenland floor foot footing found foundation foundational fundament fundamentally gameness gap gill giveaway glade glen gluteus maximus grit ground groundwork grove guts gutsiness guttiness half-price heart heart of oak heinie hindquarters hog wallow holm hooker hulk hull in reality in truth intervale intestinal fortitude keel keister leviathan low lower strata lowermost lowest lowest level lowest point lunar rill marais marish marked down marrow marsh marshland meadow mere mettle mettlesomeness mire moor moorland morass moss moxie mud mud flat nadir nerve nethermost nub ocean bottom origin packet pass peat bog pith pluck pluckiness posterior prat predicate primary quagmire quicksand quintessence quintessential radical ravine really rear rear end reduced rest rock-bottom rump sacrificial salt marsh seat ship slashed slob land slough sole sough soul source spirit spunk spunkiness stamina stay stout heart strath stuff substance substructure sump swale swamp swampland taiga toughness trench trough true grit truly tub tuchis tush tushy underbelly underlying underlying level undermost underneath underpinning underside vale valley vessel virtuality wadi wallow wash watercraft


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