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Berlin wall Japanese garden Pillars of Hercules abut abut on act drop adjoin alpine garden ambit approach approximate arboretum arena asbestos asbestos board backdrop bailiwick bamboo curtain bank batten be contiguous be in contact beam beat bed befringe beginning bind binding board bog garden border ground border on borderland borderline borders bordure botanical garden bound boundary bounds brim brink broadside brow butt cheek chop circle circuit circumference circumscribe cloth coast communicate compare confine confines conjoin connect contour cortex coulisse counterweight covering crust curtain curtain board cyclorama dado decor define delineate demesne department domain dominion door drop drop curtain dry garden edge edging encircle enclose end enframe entrance envelope epidermis exterior external extremity facade face facet featheredge field fire curtain flange flank flat flipper flower bed flower garden frame frieze fringe front frontier frontier post garden garden spot grape ranch grapery hand handedness hanging haunch hem hemisphere herbarium hip hortus siccus integument iron curtain jardin join jowl judicial circuit jurisdiction kitchen garden labellum labium labrum lap laterality ledge lie by limb limbus limit limits line lineaments lines lip list many-sidedness march marches marchland marge margin marginate mark off market garden metes and bounds multilaterality near neighbor orb orbit ornamental garden outer face outer layer outer side outer skin outline outpost outside outskirts pale paradise perimeter periphery pinetum planking precinct profile province purfle purl quarter rag ragged edge realm rim rind rock garden roof garden round scene scenery screen selvage set off shell shore shrubbery side side scene sideline siding skin skirt sphere stage screw stand by sunken garden superficies superstratum surface surround tab tableau tea garden teaser temple termination three-mile limit threshold top tormentor touch transformation transformation scene trench trim trimming truck garden twelve-mile limit unilaterality vegetable garden verge verge upon victory garden vinery vineyard wainscot wainscoting walk wing wingcut woodcut


Borderline Case
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