1. (v. i.) To lift or push from behind (one who is endeavoring to climb); to push up; hence, to assist in overcoming obstacles, or in making advancement.

2. (n.) A push from behind, as to one who is endeavoring to climb; help.

Great Leap Forward a leg up abstract access accession accretion accrual accruement acculturate accumulation acknowledgment add to addition advance advancement advantage advertise advocate aggrandize aggrandizement aid ameliorate amelioration amend amendment amplification amplify and animate annex appreciation appropriate ascent assault assist assistance augment augmentation back bag ballooning ballyhoo bark bear bear upon bearing beef up better bettering betterment bill bloating blurb boom borrow breakthrough brighten bring forward broaden broadening buck build build up buildup bull bulldoze bulletin bump bump against bunt buoy up butt butt against cast up cheer circularize civilize commend commendation conduce to contribute to cop cram crescendo crib crowd cry up defraud development dig drive edema edify educate elbow elevate elevation embezzle emend encourage encouragement enhance enhancement enlarge enlargement enlighten enliven ennoblement enrich enrichment erect escalate establish eugenics euthenics exalt exaltation exhilarate expand expansion expedite extend extension extort facilitate fatten favor filch fill out flood force forward foster further furtherance gain give a lift give a write-up give publicity gladden go straight goad good word graduation greatening growth gush hand hasten head headway hearten heave heft heighten heist help helping hand hike hike up hoick hoist hold up honorable mention hook hurtle hustle hype improve improve upon improvement increase increment inflate inflation inspire inspirit invigorate jab jack up jam jerk up jog joggle jolt jostle jump jump up knighting knock up lard leap leg leg up lend wings to lengthen levitate lift lift up liven lob loft magnify make an improvement make for make off with maximize meliorate melioration mend mending mounting multiplication multiply nip nudge nurture palm parlay passing pay raise perk up pick up pickup pile drive pilfer pinch placard plug poach poke post post bills post up preferment press press-agent pressure prod productiveness progress progression proliferation promote promotion publicize puff punch purloin push push forward put forward put up pyramid


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