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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Boil.

2. (a.) Heated to the point of bubbling; heaving with bubbles; in tumultuous agitation, as boiling liquid; surging; seething; swelling with heat, ardor, or passion.

3. (n.) The act of ebullition or of tumultuous agitation.

4. (n.) Exposure to the action of a hot liquid.

agitation ardent baking barbecuing basting blistering bluster bobbery boil boiling over braising brewing broil broiling brouhaha bubbliness bubbling burning burning hot burning with excitement bustle canicular carbonation catering churn coction commotion conturbation cookery cooking cuisine culinary science decoction discomposure disorder disquiet disquietude disturbance domestic science ebullience ebulliency ebullient ebulliometer ebullition effervescence effervescency embroilment excitement febrile ferment fermentation fervent fervid fever feverish feverishness fidgets fiery fizz fizzle flaming flap flurry flushed fluster flutteration foaming foment frothiness frothing frying fume fuss glowing grilling heated hectic het up home economics hot hot as fire hot as hell hubbub hurly-burly in rut inquietude jitters jumpiness like a furnace like an oven maelstrom malaise moil nerviness nervosity nervousness nutrition overheated overwarm pan-broiling parching passionate perturbation piping hot poaching red-hot restlessness roasting roil rout row sauteing scalding scorching searing seethe seething sexually excited shirring simmer simmering sizzling sizzling hot smoking hot smoldering sparkle spumescence steaming steamy steeping stewing stir sudorific sweating sweaty sweltering sweltry swirl to-do toasting torrid trepidation trepidity tumult tumultuation turbidity turbulence turmoil twitter unease unrest upset warm white-hot


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