1. (a.) Having a thick edge or point, as an instrument; dull; not sharp.

2. (a.) Dull in understanding; slow of discernment; stupid; -- opposed to acute.

3. (a.) Abrupt in address; plain; unceremonious; wanting the forms of civility; rough in manners or speech.

4. (a.) Hard to impress or penetrate.

5. (v. t.) To dull the edge or point of, by making it thicker; to make blunt.

6. (v. t.) To repress or weaken, as any appetite, desire, or power of the mind; to impair the force, keenness, or susceptibility, of; as, to blunt the feelings.

7. (n.) A fencer's foil.

8. (n.) A short needle with a strong point. See Needle.

9. (n.) Money.

KO abate abrupt affectless aggressive allay alleviate anesthetize anesthetized arctic artless assuage attemper attenuate autistic bank the fire bate bearish beastly bedaze benumb besot bluff blunt-edged blunt-ended blunt-pointed blunt-witted blunted bluntish blur born yesterday brash brass bread brief broad brusque cabbage candid catatonic cavalier chasten childlike chill chilly chips chloroform churlish cold cold as charity cold-blooded coldcock coldhearted confiding constrain control cool cramp cripple crusty curt damp dampen de-emphasize deaden debilitate deflect desensitize deter devitalize dim dim-witted diminish dinero direct disable disaffect discourage discourteous disedge disincline disinterest dispassionate distract divert do-re-mi dope dopey downplay downright draw the teeth drug drugged dull dull of mind dull-edged dull-headed dull-pated dull-pointed dull-witted dulled dullish edgeless efface emotionally dead emotionless enervate enfeeble etherize eviscerate exhaust explicit extenuate faired fat-witted forthright frank frankhearted free free hand free-acting free-going free-moving free-speaking free-spoken free-tongued freehanded freeze frigid frosted frosty frozen genuine gross-headed gruel gruff guileless harsh heart-to-heart heartless heavy hebetate hebetudinous icy immovable impassible impassive impolite inconsiderate indelicate indispose inexcitable ingenu ingenuous innocent insensitive insusceptible jack kayo keep within bounds knock out knock senseless knock stiff knock unconscious lay lay low lay out lenify lessen lighten mitigate moderate modulate mollify mull naive narcotize nonemotional numb objective obscure obtund obtuse open openhearted out of touch outspoken palliate palsy paralyze passionless plain plain-spoken play down pointless put off put to sleep quench rattle reduce reduce the temperature repel repress restrain retund rough round rounded rude sap self-absorbed severe shake shake up sharp short simple simplehearted simpleminded sincere single-hearted single-minded slacken slow slow down slow-witted sluggish smoothed smother snippety snippy sober sober down soften soften up soothe soulless spiritless stifle straight straight-out straightforward stun stupefy subdue suppress surly tame temper thick-brained thick-headed thick-pated thick-witted thickskulled


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