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1. (n.) Same as Blazon.

2. (n.) A coat of arms; an armorial bearing or bearings.

3. (n.) Artistic representation or display.

accomplished fact accomplishment acquirement acquisition act acta action administration advent adventure alerion animal charge annulet appearance approach argent aristeia armorial bearings armory arms arrival attainment azure bandeau bar bar sinister baton bearings bend bend sinister billet blazon blazonry blow bold stroke bordure bringing to fruition broad arrow cadency mark canton carrying out chaplet charge chevron chief coat of arms cockatrice coming commission completion conduct consummation coronet coup crescent crest cross cross moline crown dealings deed device difference differencing discharge dispatch doing doings eagle effectuation effort enactment endeavor enterprise ermine ermines erminites erminois escutcheon execution exploit fait accompli falcon feat fess fess point field file finish flanch fleur-de-lis fret fruition fulfillment fur fusil garland gest go griffin gules gyron hand handiwork handling hatchment helmet heraldic device heroic act honor point impalement impaling implementation inescutcheon job label lion lozenge management maneuver mantling marshaling martlet mascle measure metal mission accomplished motto move mullet nombril point octofoil operation or ordinary orle overproduction overt act pale paly passage pean performance perpetration pheon proceeding production productiveness purpure quarter quartering reaching realization res gestae rose sable saltire scutcheon shield spread eagle step stroke stunt subordinary success tenne thing thing done tincture torse tour de force transaction tressure turn undertaking unicorn vair vert victory work works wreath yale


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