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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Bind.

2. (a.) That binds; obligatory.

3. (n.) The act or process of one who, or that which, binds.

4. (n.) Anything that binds; a bandage; the cover of a book, or the cover with the sewing, etc.; something that secures the edge of cloth from raveling.

5. (pl.) The transoms, knees, beams, keelson, and other chief timbers used for connecting and strengthening the parts of a vessel.

Smyth sewing absolute adhesive affixation annexation attachment authoritative backing bandage bandaging beading bibliopegy binder binder board bond book cloth book cover book jacket bookbinding bookcase bordering bordure canonical case casemaking casing-in clasping cogent collating collating mark combinative communicating compulsory conclusive conjunctive connecting connectional connective consistent copulative cover de rigueur decisive decretory dictated didactic dust cover dust jacket edging entailed envelope envelopment fastener fastening fimbria fimbriation final flounce folding footband formulary frill frilling fringe furbelow galloon gathering gift wrapping girding gluing-off good hard and fast hard binding hard-and-fast headband hem hooking imperative imperious imposed inevitable instructive intercommunicating involuntary irrevocable jacket joining just knot lashing lawful legal legitimate library binding ligation lining lining-up linking list logical mandated mandatory mechanical binding meeting motif must necessary obligatory official peremptory perfect binding plastic binding preceptive prescribed prescript prescriptive regulation required rounding rubric ruffle saddle stitching self-consistent selvage sewing side sewing signature skirting slipcase slipcover smashing soft binding solid sound spiral binding splice stamping standard stapling statutory sticking substantial sufficient tailband tieing tipping trimming ultimate valance valid weighty well-founded well-grounded welt wire stitching without appeal wrap wrapper wrapping zipping


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