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(n.) The state or quality of being big; largeness; size; bulk.

abundance affluence amount ample sufficiency ampleness antinode area auditory effect auditory phenomenon avalanche beam bigness body bonanza boundlessness bountifulness bountiousness breadth broadness bulk bumper crop caliber camber capaciousness capacity cloud of words commodiousness comprehensiveness congestion copiousness coverage crest de Broglie wave depth diameter diffraction diffuseness diffusion diffusiveness dimension dimensions distance distance across effusion effusiveness electromagnetic radiation electromagnetic wave enormity enormousness expanse expansion expansiveness extension extensiveness extent extravagance exuberance fecundity fertility flight path flood flood tide flow fluency foison force formidableness formlessness frequency frequency band frequency spectrum full full measure fullness gauge generosity generousness gigantism girth grandeur grandness great abundance great plenty great scope greatness guided wave gush gushing height high tide high water hugeness immensity impletion in phase infinity intensity interference landslide largeness latitude lavishness length liberality liberalness light logorrhea longitudinal wave lots loudness luxuriance macrology magnitude mass matter maximum measure measurement mechanical wave might mightiness more than enough much muchness myriad myriads node noise numbers numerousness opulence opulency out of phase outpour outpouring overflow overfullness palilogy period periodic wave phone plenitude plenteousness plentifulness plenty pleonasm plethora power prevalence prodigality prodigiousness productiveness productivity profuseness profusion prolificacy prolificity proportion proportions quantities quantity quantum radio wave radius rampancy range rankness ray reach redundancy reinforcement reiteration reiterativeness repetition for effect repetitiveness repleteness repletion resonance resonance frequency rich harvest rich vein richness riot riotousness roominess satiety saturation saturation point scads scale scope seismic wave shock wave shower size skin effect skin friction slip sonance sound sound intensity level sound propagation sound wave space spaciousness span spate speech sound spread spring tide stagger stream strength stretch stupendousness substance substantiality substantialness sum superabundance superfluity superflux surface wave surfeit talkativeness tautology teemingness tidal wave tirade transverse wave tremendousness trough ultrasound vastness volume wave wave equation wave motion wave number wavelength wealth whole wideness width


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