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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Beget.

alpha decay animal husbandry animal rearing apprenticeship atom-chipping atom-smashing atomic disintegration atomic reaction atomization basic training bee culture beekeeping begetting beta decay bombardment breaking bullet cattle-ranching chain reaction chicken-farming civility cleavage conditioning courtesy crossbreeding cultivation culture dairy-farming development discipline disintegration series dissociation dissogeny dressage drill drilling elegance endogamy engenderment exchange reaction exercise fetching-up fission fission reaction fostering gamma decay generation genteelness gentility gentlemanlikeness gentlemanliness gentleness gnotobiotics good behavior good breeding good manners grace grazing grooming herding horse training horsemanship housebreaking improvement in-service training inbreeding ionization ladylikeness linebreeding manual training military training mink-ranching multiplication neutron reaction nonreversible reaction nuclear fission nucleization nurture nurturing on-the-job training outbreeding photodisintegration pig-keeping polish politeness politesse practice preparation procreation proliferation propagation proton gun proton reaction raising readying rearing refinement rehearsal reversible reaction sheepherding sloyd splitting the atom stimulation stock raising stockbreeding target thermonuclear reaction thremmatology training upbringing vocational education vocational training xenogamy zootechnics zootechny


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