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(n.) A framework for supporting a bed.

Colonial bed Hollywood bed Japanese garden a world-without-end bargain accommodation accommodations alliance alpine garden aqueduct arboretum arroyo band base basement basin basis bassinet bearing wall bed and board bed down bed in bed on bed-davenport bedding bedrock bedstead belly belt berth billet board board and room bog garden bond of matrimony border botanical garden bottom bottom on bottom side break breech bridebed bridle broadcast brush build on bunk bunk bed buttocks camp bed canal channel cohabitation confirm conjugal bond conjugal knot cot couch couche coulee course coverture cradle creek bed crib culvert curl up curry currycomb cylinder press day bed deck deep-dye define dibble disseminate domicile domiciliate donga door bed doss double bed double bunk downside drench drill dry bed dry garden duplex bed embed engraft engrave entrench establish etch facilities feather bed feed fix flatbed cylinder press floor flooring flop flower bed flower garden flume fodder fold-away bed fond footing forest found found on foundation four-poster fundament fundamental gallery garden garden spot gentle go beddy-bye go night-night go to bed go to rest grape ranch grapery ground ground on grounds groundwork gulch gully gullyhole gurney hammock handle harbor hardpan harness headrace herbarium hitch holy matrimony holy wedlock hortus siccus hospital bed house husbandhood ill-assorted marriage impact implant impress imprint infix ingrain inlay inscribe inseminate inset intermarriage interracial marriage irrigation ditch jam jardin keep king-size bed kip kitchen garden layer ledge level lie down litter lodge lodgings loll lounge lower berth lower side lowest layer lowest level makeready manage market garden marriage marriage bed marriage sacrament match matrimonial union matrimony measures mesalliance milk misalliance miscegenation mixed marriage nestle nether side nethermost level nullah nuptial bond ocean bottom ornamental garden overlayer overstory pack pallet panel bed paradise pavement pile pinetum pipe berth plant platen platen press poster bed pot press presswork principle print printing machine printing press put in put to bed put up quarter quarter berth queen-size bed race radical recline reforest repose reset rest retimber retire riprap river bed riverway rock bottom rock garden roll in roll-away bed roof garden room root rotary press rotogravure press rub down rudiment


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