1. (n.) A staff or rod, used for various purposes, such as musical conducting, law enforcement, track and field\; the baton of a field marshal; the baton of a conductor in musical performances.

2. (n.) An ordinary with its ends cut off, borne sinister as a mark of bastardly, and containing one fourth in breadth of the bend sinister; -- called also bastard bar. See Bend sinister.

Malacca cane achievement alerion alpenstock animal charge annulet argent armorial bearings armory arms aspersion attaint azure badge badge of infamy badge of office badges bandeau bar bar sinister bastardism bastardy bat bearings bend bend sinister billet billy billy club black eye black mark blazon blazonry blot bludgeon blur bordure brand brassard broad arrow button cadency mark caduceus cane canton cap and gown censure chain chain of office champain chaplet charge chevron chief class ring club coat of arms cockade cockatrice collar coronet crescent crest crook crosier cross cross moline cross-staff crown crutch crutch-stick decoration device diapason difference differencing disparagement dress eagle emblems ensigns ermine ermines erminites erminois escutcheon falcon fasces fess fess point field figurehead file flanch fleur-de-lis fret fur fusil garland gavel griffin gules gyron hammer and sickle handstaff hatchment helmet heraldic device heraldry honor point illegitimacy illegitimateness impalement impaling imputation inescutcheon insignia label lapel pin lion lituus livery lozenge mace mantle mantling mark of Cain markings marshaling martlet mascle medal metal metronome monochord mortarboard motto mullet music stand mute nightstick nombril point octofoil old school tie onus or ordinary orle pale paly pastoral staff paterissa pean pheon pillorying pin pitch pipe point champain portfolio purpure quarter quartering quarterstaff reflection regalia reprimand reproach rhythmometer ring rod rod of office rose sable saltire scepter school ring scutcheon shamrock shield shillelagh sigillography skull and crossbones slur smear smirch smudge smutch sonometer sphragistics spot spread eagle staff stain stave stick stigma stigmatism stigmatization subordinary swagger stick swanking stick swastika taint tarnish tartan tenne thistle tie tincture tone measurer torse tressure truncheon tuning bar tuning fork tuning pipe unicorn uniform vair verge vert walking stick wand wand of office war club wreath yale


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