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1. (n.) A natural child; a child begotten and born out of wedlock; an illegitimate child; one born of an illicit union.

2. (n.) An inferior quality of soft brown sugar, obtained from the syrups that / already had several boilings.

3. (n.) A large size of mold, in which sugar is drained.

4. (n.) A sweet Spanish wine like muscadel in flavor.

5. (n.) A writing paper of a particular size. See Paper.

6. (a.) Begotten and born out of lawful matrimony; illegitimate. See Bastard, n., note.

7. (n.) Lacking in genuineness; spurious; false; adulterate; -- applied to things which resemble those which are genuine, but are really not so.

8. (n.) of an unusual make or proportion; as, a bastard musket; a bastard culverin.

9. (n.) Abbreviated, as the half title in a page preceding the full title page of a book.

10. (v. t.) To bastardize.

SOB affected apocryphal artificial assumed bantling bar sinister baseborn bastard child bastardy bird blackguard bogus brummagem bugger by-blow cat chap character colorable colored counterfeit counterfeited creep criminal cross crossbred crossbreed devil distorted dressed up duck dummy embellished embroidered enfant terrible ersatz evildoer factitious fake faked FALSE falsified fart fatherless feigned feller fellow fictitious fictive garbled guy half blood half-breed heel hood hooligan illegitimacy illegitimate illegitimate child imitation jasper jerk joker junky knave lad limb louse love child lowlife make-believe malefactor man-made meanie misbegotten mischief miscreant miscreated mock mongrel mother mule natural offender perverted phony pill pinchbeck pretended pseudo put-on quasi queer rapscallion rascal rat reprobate rogue scalawag scoundrel self-styled sham shit shithead shitheel shoddy simulated sinner so-called soi-disant spurious stinkard stinker stud supposititious synthetic tin tinsel titivated turd twisted unauthentic ungenuine unnatural unreal warped


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