1. (n.) A hollow vessel or dish, to hold water for washing, and for various other uses.

2. (n.) The quantity contained in a basin.

3. (n.) A hollow vessel, of various forms and materials, used in the arts or manufactures, as that used by glass grinders for forming concave glasses, by hatters for molding a hat into shape, etc.

4. (n.) A hollow place containing water, as a pond, a dock for ships, a little bay.

5. (n.) A circular or oval valley, or depression of the surface of the ground, the lowest part of which is generally occupied by a lake, or traversed by a river.

6. (n.) The entire tract of country drained by a river, or sloping towards a sea or lake.

7. (n.) An isolated or circumscribed formation, particularly where the strata dip inward, on all sides, toward a center; -- especially applied to the coal formations, called coal basins or coal fields.

alkali flat alluvial plain alveolation alveolus anchorage anchorage ground antrum aquamanile armpit automatic dishwasher bath bathtub bed berth bidet bottom bottomland bowl breakwater bulkhead bushveld campo catch basin cavity cereal bowl champaign champaign country channel cistern coastal plain concave concavity coulee crater crypt cup delta depression desert dip dishpan dishwasher dock dockage dockyard down downs dry dock embankment ewer fell finger bowl flat flat country flatland flats floor fold follicle funnel chest grass veld grassland gravy boat groin ground harbor harborage haven heath hip bath hole hollow hollow shell jetty jutty kitchen sink lacuna lande landing landing place landing stage lavabo lavatory level llano lowland lowlands lunar mare mare marina mesa mesilla mole moor moorings moorland ocean bottom open country pampa pampas peneplain pier piscina pit plain plains plateau playa pocket porringer port prairie protected anchorage punch bowl quay road roads roadstead sag salad bowl salt flat salt marsh salt pan sauce boat savanna scoop seaport seawall sebkha shell shipyard shower shower bath shower curtain shower head shower room shower stall showers sink sinkage sinkhole sinus sitz bath slip socket steppe table tableland terrine tree veld trough tub tundra tureen upland vat vega veld vug wash barrel wash boiler washbasin washbowl washdish washer washing machine washing pot washpot washstand washtub weald wharf wide-open spaces wold


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