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(imp. & p. p.) of Balance.

accordant alike all there apoise assured automatic clearheaded clearminded coequal collected commonsense compos mentis composed concinnate concinnous confident consistent consonant constant continuous cool coolheaded coordinate correspondent defensible deserved due equable equal equanimous equibalanced equilateral equilibrious equiponderant equiponderous equitable euphonic euphonical euphonious eurythmic even evenhanded fair fair and square fast fiducial finished firm firm as Gibraltar fit flat flowing fluent good harmonious healthy-minded homogeneous immutable imperturbable in equilibrium invariable just justifiable justified lawful legal level levelheaded logical lucid measured mechanical meet meet and right mentally sound merited methodic monolithic normal of a piece of sound mind ordered orderly persistent philosophical poised practical pragmatic predictable proper proportioned rational reasonable recollected regular reliable right right and proper rightful robotlike sane sane-minded secure self-assured self-confident self-controlled self-possessed self-restrained sensible smooth smooth-sounding sober sober-minded solid sound sound-minded square stable steadfast steady substantial sweet symmetric symmetrical systematic together tripping unbroken unchangeable unchanged unchanging undeviating undifferentiated undiversified unflappable unflinching uniform unruffled unshakable unvaried unvarying unwavering warrantable warranted well-balanced well-set well-set-up wholesome without nerves


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