1. (n.) A sack or pouch, used for holding anything; as, a bag of meal or of money.

2. (n.) A sac, or dependent gland, in animal bodies, containing some fluid or other substance; as, the bag of poison in the mouth of some serpents; the bag of a cow.

3. (n.) A sort of silken purse formerly tied about men's hair behind, by way of ornament.

4. (n.) The quantity of game bagged.

5. (n.) A certain quantity of a commodity, such as it is customary to carry to market in a sack; as, a bag of pepper or hops; a bag of coffee.

6. (v. t.) To put into a bag; as, to bag hops.

7. (v. t.) To seize, capture, or entrap; as, to bag an army; to bag game.

8. (v. t.) To furnish or load with a bag or with a well filled bag.

9. (v. i.) To swell or hang down like a full bag; as, the skin bags from containing morbid matter.

10. (v. i.) To swell with arrogance.

11. (v. i.) To become pregnant.

IUD abstract acquire activities activity affair affairs affinity and annex appropriate area baboon ballocks balloon balls bang barrel basket bat be seized of beard beldam belly belly out bent bias biddy bilge billfold billow bindle birth control device bladder blemish blot boobs boost booster booster dose booster shot booty borrow bosom bottle bouge box box up breast breasts brisket budget bug bulge bundle burden business bust can capsule capture carton cascade case cask catch cervix chest chosen kind clench clitoris cod cods collar come by come in for come into commerce concern concernment condom contraceptive contraceptive foam contract cop corral crate crib crone crop cullions cup of tea daggle dangle deck defraud depend derive diaphragm dilate distend dog dose drab drabble draft drag drag down draggle drape draw droop dropping drug packet druthers dug earn embezzle employ employment encase encyst enmesh ensnare entangle enter into possession enterprise entrap evening bag extort eyesore fall family jewels fancy favor female organs field filch fill fix flap flop flow fob forte foul freight fright function gain gargoyle genitalia genitals get glom goggle golf bag gonads gunny gunny sack hag hamper handbag hang hang down harpoon harridan harvest haul heap heap up hit hook inclination injection interest intrauterine device jar knockers labia labia majora labia minora labor lade land lasso leaning lift line lingam lips load long suit lookout lop main interest mainlining make make off with male organs mama mamelon mamelonation mammary gland mammilla mammillation manner mass matter meat mesh mess metier money belt money clip monster monstrosity nab nail narcotic shot nenes net nip nipple no beauty nod noose nose bag nuts nymphae obtain occupation oral contraceptive ovary overdose pack pack away package palm pap papilla parcel partiality particular choice pend penis personal choice pessary pet subject phallus pigeon breast pile pilfer pinch


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