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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Backslide.

2. (a.) Slipping back; falling back into sin or error; sinning.

3. (n.) The act of one who backslides; abandonment of faith or duty.

Adamic about-face amorality apostasy apostate atheism atheistic backing backset backslide backward motion backward step betrayal blasphemous bolt breakaway carnal carnality criminality defection delinquency desertion disenchantment disloyalty erring evil evil nature faithlessness fall fall from grace fallen fallen from grace fleshly flip-flop frail going over immorality impiety impious impiousness impure impurity infirm irreligion irreligious irreverence irreverent lapse lapse from grace lapsed lapsing moral delinquency of easy virtue peccability peccable postlapsarian prodigal prodigality profanatory profane ratting reaction recession recidivation recidivism recidivist recidivistic recidivous reclamation reconversion recreancy recreant recrudescent reentry refluence reflux regress regression regressive rehabilitation reinstatement relapse relapsing renegade restitution restoration retroaction retrocession retroflexion retrogradation retrogression retroversion retrusion return returning reversal reverse reversion reverting revulsion rollback sacrilegious secession setback slipping back sternway throwback treason turn turnabout turning traitor unangelic unangelicalness unchaste unchastity unclean uncleanness undutiful undutifulness ungodliness ungodly ungood ungoodness unmorality unrighteous unrighteousness unsaintliness unsaintly unvirtuous unvirtuousness vice viciousness virtueless wanton wantonness wayward waywardness weak wrongdoing


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