1. (v. t.) To turn to the advantage of; to be of service to; to profit; to benefit; to help; as, artifices will not avail the sinner in the day of judgment.

2. (v. t.) To promote; to assist.

3. (v. i.) To be of use or advantage; to answer the purpose; to have strength, force, or efficacy sufficient to accomplish the object; as, the plea in bar must avail, that is, be sufficient to defeat the suit; this scheme will not avail; medicines will not avail to check the disease.

4. (n.) Profit; advantage toward success; benefit; value; as, labor, without economy, is of little avail.

5. (n.) Proceeds; as, the avails of a sale by auction.

6. (v. t. & i.) See Avale, v.

abet account advance advantage aid answer applicability appositeness appropriateness assist bail out be equal to be handy be of use bear bear a hand befriend behalf behoof benefit benison bestead blessing boon break no bones comfort convenience do do good do it do no harm do the trick doctor ease favor fill fill the bill fitness fulfill gain get by give a boost give a hand give a lift give good returns give help go around good hack it help hold interest just do lend a hand lend one aid make the grade meet meet requirements pass pass muster pay pay off percentage point proffer aid profit protect qualify rally reach reclaim redeem relevance relieve remedy render assistance rescue restore resuscitate revive satisfy save serve serve the purpose service serviceability set up stand stand up stretch succor suffice suitability take in tow take it use usefulness value welfare well-being work work for world of good worth yield a profit


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