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(a.) Alt. of Automatical.

accordant accustomed alike automated automatic device automaton automatous balanced beaten blind blowgun blowpipe casual compulsive conditioned confirmed consistent consonant constant continuous correspondent cybernated cyborg equable equal even firearm flamethrower flat forced frequent gat gun gut habitual habituated hackneyed handgun heater homogeneous ill-advised ill-considered ill-devised immutable impulsive inadvertent indeliberate ineluctable inescapable inevitable inherent innate instinctive instinctual invariable involuntary level libidinal measured mechanical mechanical man methodic monolithic musket natural of a piece ordered orderly peashooter persistent piece pistol prompt quick ready recurrent recurring reflex reflexive regular repeater repetitive revolver rifle robot robotlike rod routine sawed-off shotgun self-acting self-active self-adjusting self-closing self-controlled self-cooking self-directed self-directing self-dumping self-governed self-governing self-lighting self-mover self-operative self-regulating self-regulative self-starting self-winding self-working semiautomatic shooting iron shotgun six-gun six-shooter smooth snap spontaneous stable steadfast steady stereotyped subliminal systematic trite unadvised unavoidable unbroken uncalculated unchangeable unchanged unchanging unconscious unconsidered undeliberate undeliberated undesigned undeviating undifferentiated undiversified uniform unintended unintentional unlearned unmeditated unpremeditated unprompted unruffled unstudied unthinking unvaried unvarying unwilled unwilling unwitting well-trodden well-worn


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