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(a.) Southern; lying or being in the south; as, austral land; austral ocean.

Siberian aestival affectless algid anesthetized antarctic austral autistic autumn autumnal below zero biting bitter bitterly cold bleak blunt boreal brisk brumal canicular catatonic chill chilly cold cold as charity cold as death cold as ice cold as marble cold-blooded coldhearted cool crisp cutting dispassionate drugged dull east eastbound easterly eastermost eastern easternmost emotionally dead emotionless equinoctial freezing freezing cold frigid frosted frosty frozen gelid glacial heartless hibernal hiemal hyperborean ice-cold ice-encrusted icelike icy immovable impassible impassive inclement inexcitable insusceptible keen meridional midsummer midwinter nipping nippy nonemotional north northbound northeast northeasterly northeastern northerly northern northernmost northwest northwesterly northwestern numbing objective obtuse occidental oriental out of season out of touch passionless penetrating piercing pinching raw rigorous seasonal self-absorbed severe sharp sleety slushy snappy solstitial soulless south southbound southeast southeasterly southeastern southerly southern southernmost southwest southwesterly southwestern spiritless spring springlike stone-cold subzero summer summerlike summerly summery supercooled unaffectionate unemotional unfeeling unimpassioned unimpressionable unloving unpassionate unresponding unresponsive unsusceptible unsympathetic untouchable vernal west westbound westerly western westernmost winter winterbound winterlike wintery wintry


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