1. (v. t.) To dress; to array; to adorn; esp., to clothe with elegant or splendid garments.

2. (n.) Dress; clothes; headdress; anything which dresses or adorns; esp., ornamental clothing.

3. (n.) The antlers, or antlers and scalp, of a stag or buck.

4. (n.) The internal parts of a flower, included within the calyx and the corolla.

accouter apparel appoint arm array bedeck bedizenment bedrape bundle up clad clothe clothes clothing costume deck dight drape drapery dress dressing dud duds enclothe endue enrobe enshroud envelop enwrap equip fashion fatigues feathers fig garb garment garments gear guise habiliment habiliments habilitate habit invest investiture investment lap linen muffle up outfit rag out rags raiment robe robes sheathe shroud sportswear style swaddle swathe things threads tire togs toilette trim vestment vesture wear wearing apparel wrap wrap up


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