1. (a.) Of or pertaining to Attica, in Greece, or to Athens, its principal city; marked by such qualities as were characteristic Of the Athenians; classical; refined.

2. (n.) A low story above the main order or orders of a facade, in the classical styles; -- a term introduced in the 17th century. Hence:

3. (n.) A room or rooms behind that part of the exterior; all the rooms immediately below the roof.

4. (n.) An Athenian; an Athenian author.

Ciceronian aesthetic artistic biting brilliant chaste choice classic classical clear clever common commonplace direct droll easy elegant everyday excellent facetious finished funny garden garden-variety graceful gracile homely homespun household humorous humorsome in good taste jesting jocose jocular joking joky joshing keen keen-witted limpid lucid matter-of-fact mordant natural neat nimble-witted nondescript of choice of quality ordinary pellucid perspicuous plain pleasing pointed polished prosaic prosy pungent pure pure and simple quick-witted quiet rapier-like refined restrained round salt salty scintillating sharp simple smart sparkling sprightly straightforward subdued tasteful terse trim unaffected understated unlabored unobtrusive well-chosen whimsical witty workaday workday


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