1. (v. t.) To express one's agreement, to acquiesce, to concur, to concede\.

2. (n.) The act of assenting; the act of the mind in admitting or agreeing to anything; concurrence with approval; consent; agreement; acquiescence.

OK abide by accede accede to accept acceptance acclaim accord accord to accordance acquiesce acquiesce in acquiescence affinity affirmation affirmative affirmative voice agree agree to agree with agreement answer to applaud approbation approval approve approve of assort with aye be agreeable be consistent be of one be uniform with be willing blessing buy check cheer chime chorus cohere coherence coincide coincidence compatibility complaisance compliance comply concert concord concordance concur condescend conform conform with conformance conformation conformity congeniality congruence congruency congruity connivance connive at consent consent to silently consist with consistency consonance consort cooperate cooperation correspond correspondence deference deign dovetail eagerness endorse endorsement equivalence face the music fall in together fit together give consent give the nod go along with go together go with grant hail hang together harmonize harmony have no objection hit hold together hold with homage in toto interlock intersect intersection jibe kneeling knock under knuckle down knuckle under live with it lock match nod nod assent nonopposal nonopposition nonresistance not refuse not resist obedience obeisance obey okay oneness overlap parallel parallelism passiveness passivity peace permission permit promptitude promptness rapport ratification ratify readiness receive register register with relent resign resignation resignedness respond to sanction say aye say yes self-consistency sing in chorus sort with square square with stand together subjection submission submit submittal subscribe to succumb supineness swallow it swallow the pill symmetry sync synchronism take take it take kindly to tally timing ungrudgingness uniformity union unison unisonance unloathness unreluctance vote affirmatively vote aye vote for welcome willingness wink at yes yield assent yielding


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