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1. (n.) The act of assembling, or the state of being assembled; association.

2. (n.) A collection of individuals, or of individuals, or of particular things; as, a political assemblage; an assemblage of ideas.

A to Z A to izzard Bund Rochdale cooperative aggregate all all and sundry all sorts alliance alpha and omega assembly assembly line assembly-line production association assortment axis band be-all be-all and end-all beginning and end bloc body broad spectrum building buildup coalition college combination combine common market complement composition compound confederacy confederation conglomeration constitution construction consumer cooperative cooperative cooperative society corps council credit union customs union each and every economic community embodiment everything fabrication fashioning federation formation free trade area gallimaufry gang getup group grouping hash hodgepodge hotchpot hotchpotch incorporation jumble junction league length and breadth machine magpie make makeup mash medley melange mess mingle-mangle miscellany mishmash mix mixed bag mixture mob odds and ends olio olla podrida omnium-gatherum one and all organization package package deal partnership pasticcio pastiche patchwork piecing together political machine potpourri production line putting together ring salad salmagundi sauce scramble set setup shaping society stew structure structuring syneresis synthesis the corpus the ensemble the entirety the lot the whole the whole range union what you will


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