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Amor Christian love Eros Platonic love admiration admire adoration adore adulate affection after this fashion agape agnate aim at akin alike all one all the same allied ally along these lines alter ego analogon analogous analogue aped appreciate approve approve of approximate approximating approximative ardency ardor as as if as though ask associate at par at what price attachment au pair bask in be desirous of be fond of be partial to be pleased with bodily love brother brotherly love burn with love by what mode by what name care for caritas charity choose close close copy close match close to coequal coextensive cognate commensurate companion comparable compeer complement comprehend congenator congener conjugal love consimilar consonant consubstantial coordinate copied correlate correlative correspondent corresponding correspondingly counterfeit counterpart delight in derive pleasure from desiderate desire devotion devour dig disposed to ditto dote on dote upon drawn duplicate eat up either elect endorse enjoy equal equal to equalized equipollent equivalent ersatz esteem even even stephen exactly alike faithful love fake fancy favor favoring feast on fellow fervor fifty-fifty flame following fondness for example for instance freak out on free love free-lovism get high on gloat over go go for groove on half-and-half have designs on have eyes for have it bad heart hero worship homogeneous homologous homoousian how identic identical identically idolatry idolism idolization image imitated imitation in kind in like manner in other words in such wise in that way in this way in what way indistinguishable indulge in just alike kindred spirit knotted lasciviousness level libido like that like this likeness likes likewise liking love lovemaking lust lust after luxuriate in married love match mate mimicked mind mock namely near near duplicate nearly reproduced nip and tuck not unlike obverse of that ilk on a footing on a level on a par on even ground one opposite number par parallel partiality passion peer pendant phony physical love picture please popular regard popularity predilection prefer preference proportionate proximate quits reciprocal regard rejoice in relatable related relish resembling respect revel in riot in rival same savor second self select selfsame sentiment sex sexual love shine similar similarly similitude simulacrum simulated sister smack the lips smacking of so something like soul mate spiritual love square stalemated such


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