1. (adv.) In a circle; circularly; on every side; round.

2. (adv.) In a circuit; here and there within the surrounding space; all about; as, to travel around from town to town.

3. (adv.) Near; in the neighborhood; as, this man was standing around when the fight took place.

4. (prep.) On all sides of; encircling; encompassing; so as to make the circuit of; about.

5. (prep.) From one part to another of; at random through; about; on another side of; as, to travel around the country; a house standing around the corner.

about again alive all about all over all round all through almost along toward anticlockwise any which way anyhow anywise approximately at close quarters at hand at random back backward by by way of circa clockwise close close about close at hand close by close upon counterclockwise encircling enclosing encompassing enveloping every which way everywhence everywhere everywhither existent existing far and wide fast by from every quarter haphazard haphazardly hard hard by head over heels heels over head helter-skelter here and there hereabout hereabouts in a circle in a spin in a whirl in all directions in circles in every quarter in reverse in spitting distance in the neighborhood in the vicinity just about living near near at hand near enough to near upon nearabout nearabouts nearby nearly nigh nigh about not far on all sides on every side only a step over passing by passing through random randomly roughly round round about round and round somewhere about surrounding thereabout thereabouts through throughout upwards of via widdershins within call within earshot within hearing within reach


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